Everlast® Epoxy vs Neverlast Flooring Episode 5 :

Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint: Will It Work On Your Business’ Floor?

There are a lot of epoxy flooring manufacturers that are trying to sell you on using epoxy paint for your floors. Ask yourself this. Would you put carpet on your roof? Or drywall on your floor? If you answered no, then why put paint on a floor and hope that it will be strong enough to resist heavy traffic or equipment moving over it? Even if it is metallic epoxy floor paint?

I get it. It sounds like a great idea to use a simple paint system to solve your flooring needs.

Easy to apply. You simply roll it onto the floor.

It’s cheap, or at least cheaper than other flooring materials.

Sounds like a great deal!

But does it work? Does it protect your floor like it claims? After talking to hundreds of business owners, the answer has almost always been the same with epoxy paint: No!

The issue with paint is not that the material is necessarily bad… there’s just not enough material. It’s not thick enough.

It doesn’t have the strength needed to take the abuse, like chemicals or oils spilling onto it. Heavy items being dropped onto the surface… or even heavy equipment being rolled over it.

It starts to flake fast, and once that happens, the system stops working like it should.

Dirt starts to accumulate, smells begin to form and never leave… on and on…


What Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint Alternative Works Best?

When you compare epoxy paint with any other kind of flooring system, it will lose out…

… simply because it lacks the thickness and strength.

When you compare floors like Everlast® Décor Floor, you can see a big difference in thickness. I’d even confidently say that it is 10x thicker.

And this translates into;

  • More strength for dealing with heavy objects or high traffic areas.
  • Lasts longer so you won’t have to reapply a paint coat every year.
  • Prevents chemicals and oils from penetrating the floor and causing smells to emerge.

It’s easy to clean, no cracks or crevices in the flooring system, and its non-porous (waterproof).

This prevents dirt, moisture, and bacteria from building underneath your floor.

To give you a comparison of how different the flooring materials are… just see how they are applied to the surface.

Everlast® Epoxy’s metallic Everlast® Décor Floor can’t be applied with a paint roller, it must be troweled onto the floor.

Which sounds like a stronger method to you? Paint rolling or troweling?


Easy To Fill In Those Holes In Your Old Concrete Substrate

If you have a rough concrete floor, you don’t have to worry too much about evening it out. Everlast® Décor Floor can reach a thickness of around 160 mils (vs paint being at around 10 mils) and can fill in small dips.

With auto shops, sometimes oil spilled onto the floor can seep as much as 4-5 inches into the substrate.

It’s important to clean up as much of the oil as possible before applying any material over top because the oil will start to work its way to the top and cause the material to come loose.

This is especially true with epoxy paint. The oil will simply detach the paint from the substrate.

Which is why it’s important that the installers perform a deep clean with an oil cleaner, before laying down the metallic epoxy floor system, to draw out as much oil as possible.

Next up, an oil block primer is applied to prevent any leftover oil from making it through the substrate and causing any harm to the flooring system itself.


You’re In Great Hands!

We here at Everlast® Epoxy firmly believe that we have the right solution for your needs. We can confidently say this because many of our past clients have been used epoxy paint in the past and their results were terrible… until they talked to one of our flooring specialists.

However, we understand you have many questions before making your decision. Why not give us a call and talk to one of our friendly floor experts today?

“Are you searching for a flooring solution for your business? Give us a call and have one of our floor experts recommend what options are available for you and your budget.”

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